Reasoning for move to Thailand

It was a dark, cold night in England…….

About 20 years ago I moved to Bristol in the UK to live because I had been commuting there and back every week, while staying in hotels throughout the UK during the week with work.  I was sick of the driving, and, with the rest of the UK seeming to head down to Devon and Cornwall every weekend, I would arrive home tired, nerves jangling, and late every Friday night.

I never wanted to move to Bristol but I needed to be close to where I worked, and, as I had started there a couple of years earlier on a two week contract, I thought maybe I would be there a bit longer.   20 years passed.

I bought a flat close to work, but in the vast housing estate called Bradley Stoke.  A soulless place really.  Work, go home, cook, clean, rinse repeat.  With doing very little else, and overpaying my mortgage as often as I could without giving up my few  luxuries,  I was almost at the point of owning my flat outright.  I desperately needed a change of life, to get away from a job that had recently gone seriously downhill, and maybe, just maybe, not have to work a 9-5 job to pay the bills and live a basic life.  It was more about quality of life than making money now.

Thailand seemed to be the place, with is friendly people, beautiful weather and low cost of living.  I just needed a holiday there to see if I actually liked it.

Edit:  My test run trip of almost a month ended in what can only be described as a major drama!  Keep watching my posts to find out more!