Holiday in Phuket

I decided to go on a two week holiday to Phuket as my first taste of Thailand and a holiday. I was single, and while I knew I could still have a good time in Phuket on my own, and have female company if I didn’t mind a bar girl,  I thought it was about time I dipped my toe in the dating game again. I had been single for about 15 years and had given up on British ladies.

I thought it might be nice to register on a Thai dating website and see if
I could get a couple of dinner dates set up while I was there. I filled out my profile and sat back to see if I got any interest. Almost immediately I started to get replies and messages from various ladies. A lot were just looking to chat with an English man and I got the feeling it was just a bit of fun. I did get a couple of ladies who said I should message them on the LINE app when I got there and we could set up a dinner date. Two ladies caught my eye when they appeared in my ”good match” list, but neither of these were in Phuket.

After chatting to one of these ladies I got the impression she was after a man who had a bit of money and was looking to secure her, and her children’s, future. Nothing necessarily wrong with that but not what I was really looking for.  As time went on, and I was chatting to the other one, I began to find myself more and more looking forward to her messages and finding out more about her. She had two children, her own small clothes shop, and I have to admit I was very attracted to her.

I had booked my holiday flight, and a budget hotel, right near the action and the top of walking street. I told this lady I was going to Phuket for a two week holiday and she said she knew Phuket and had relatives there. Even with the time difference we were talking many times a day by now. I would message her while I was at work and she was in her shop, we would message all night and she even started to get up and hour earlier to have some time chatting to me before I went to bed and she had to get breakfast for her children. It was great. The first thing I did when I woke in the morning was check LINE and there was always a nice message waiting for me to say good morning.

She had started to send me pictures of herself at home, and in her shop. I had sent her a few selfies too. At some point I just started to get the feeling this may be some kind of game, or ruse to build a relationship before she started asking for money. I’m not sure why I felt like this. Maybe it was a lack of confidence in myself. Why would this attractive lady, nine years younger than me, be so interested in me? One evening I messaged her saying it had been fun but it was time to say goodbye. A few seconds later my phone lit up with an incoming video call on LINE from her. I had only ever messaged her and never talked to her face to face on video! My heart started to race, I paused to think if I should answer the call, then I thought, yes, it’s the least I can do really. I answered and there she was, tears in her eyes asking me ”why I say goodbye?” I felt awful. I said I didn’t think she was real or was playing games. She walked through the house with her phone still showing video and opened a drawer. She took out her bag and produced her Thai ID card and held it up to the camera. All the details on it were as she had told me. I apologised and suggested we go back to messaging as I knew her English was not great and she used google translate to make things easier. Straight away, she sent me a close up photo of her ID card and asked me if I believe her now? I apologised again and we carried on talking for hours.

Over the next month or two we talked endlessly. Even though we had never met, we video called each other every day.

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